8 Habits Of Successful Women


Let’s face it, it is so easy to fall prey to never changing up your normal everyday routine and habits. In fact, it is important to take advice from others and use that advice to make yourself better. Successful women know that cultivating good habits is imperative to continual success. Of course, there is no magical advice that will get you to that corner office or land that huge raise; however, adopting simple habits can help point you in the right direction. Here are 8 habits of successful ladies:

1) Prioritizing

Prioritizing is incredibly important in your career and in your life. Successful women know prioritizing will helps map out the week to best ensure smooth sailing and organization. Start by making a to do list.  Prioritize what needs to be done first, second, and what can wait. Corrie Faith Lee, a successful young woman heading to law school on a full scholarship who graduated at the top of her undergraduate class, says, “No matter how long my list is or what I have to do I always number it in the order of things I need to get done. This way the first thing that needs to get done will get done, even it’s hard.” 

2) Not saying “I’m sorry” for everything

Sure, sometimes an apology is necessary, but stop saying sorry for the smallest things. Do not be afraid to stand up for your mistake. Successful women are confident in the decision that they made. This bad habit of saying of apologizing for everything shows people that you’re likely to fall under pressure and give in.

3) Staying positive

Who wants to spend their time around someone who is constantly whining, being negative, or thinks that they should have everything handed them? Walk into the office and talk to people. Successful women are not always full of butterflies and rainbows, but for the most part, they stay positive. Handling difficult situations with a positive mindset speaks volumes.

4) Always learning

Between business, politics, lifestyle, and history, there are podcasts and TedTalks for it all. The internet is information at our fingertips.  Successful women know that learning doesn’t stop after graduation. Find courses or talks about your passions and particular field. In doing this you are only adding to the list of reasons that make you hire-able and a valuable asset.

5) Staying organized

How many successful woman, whether it be a CEO, a Lt. Governor, or a lawyer, have you met that is not organized? I would be it’s not many. Successful women maintain planners, write things done, and visually lay out priorities. Planners are easy to use and keep everything in order from goals, schedules, to-do lists, and nightly activities. Tend to be a little more digital? There are wonderful app that essentially does the same thing as the paper planners. The app, 24me, is an all in one organizer on your mobile device or tablet.

6) Being financially savvy

There is nothing wrong with saying no every once in a while. Successful women know they can’t always get the new Tory flats, eat out every day, grab Starbucks every morning and still expect to save for their future. Take advantage of money saving, budgeting, and planning apps today, like MINTClarity or EveryDollar. While it may seem fun stay up to date on the newest trends and be an ultra socialite, it won’t be pleasant you need a chunk of cash for a rainy day.

7) Making time for themselves

There is something special about someone who can step away from her job to have a life and relationships outside of work. Successful women know taking time for yourself is critical to success. Take time for a spa day, get your nails done, or doing something that you enjoy every once in a while. Constantly staying over at work or taking work home will lead to burn out. Successful women know they are not able to thrive when exhausted and burnt out. Mental health days and using your weekends wisely are two of the most important things to do to make time for yourself.

8) Setting actionable goals and keeping track of them

All successful women know where they want to be in the future. Set realistic and timely goals. Keep track of those goals. Put them into action with a plan. Anyone can write something down on paper. Someone who is eager to succeed will go the extra mile to make sure they get where they are dreaming of being.


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